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Vision Statement: The Christian Medical College, Vellore, seeks to be a witness to the healing ministry of Christ, through excellence in education, service and research

CMC Campuses: Where to find us


CMC is a big hospital and it can be confusing trying to work out what lives where. So here is a brief introduction to the CMC campuses with inpatients beds on them. Plus some photos to set the scene. And where some of the other outpatient or community services can be found around Vellore.

Vellore City Centre: our main hospital campus

CMC Vellore main hospital campus front entrance
The main entrance into CMC Vellore hospital in the centre of Vellore.

The above photo is one that is seen on commonly found on web pages, brochures etc. This shows the front entrance to the main hospital in the centre of Vellore.

You will find most outpatients and most inpatients on this site. But not all! Here is a brief list.

Outpatient services

  • Main outpatient services for most departments but
    • Some departments ALSO have clinics in other sites.
    • A few departments do not hold clinics here.
      • The community department have their clinics in their own hospital bases.
    • There are peripheral clinics around Vellore, ie outpatients. These are for the local community. Both in the community hospitals and other sites – more information below
    • The new Kannigapuram hospital will have several outpatient clinics when completed.

Inpatient Services Main hospital

  • Main inpatients but the following have beds in other places
    • Community hospitals have beds on their main sites, see below.
    • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,. PMR also has beds in the Rehab Institute, Bagayam.
    • Psychiatry has most of its beds in Bagayam, in the Mental Health Centre.
    • The new Kannigapuram hospital will have many inpatients eventually.

Other Services Main hospital

  • Tests – most tests or investigations are done here. This includes
    • CT scannners, MRI scanners, Xrays, bone scans, blood tests etc.
  • The main Accident and Emergency department for adults and children is there. Come to this site if you need a doctor NOW and it is the nearest CMC hospital to you.
    • The community hospitals have their own smaller accident and emergency departments. They will transfer people to the main hospital when needed.
    • Kannigapuram will later have an emergency dept.
  • Operating theatres.
  • Residential campus mainly for medical staff.

Map of CMC main hospital

This link will show you a Google map of the main hospital area.

Main hospital Address

Ida Scudder Road,
Vellore – 632004
Tamil Nadu, India.

Bagayam Campus

The Bagayam campus is 6 km south of the main hospital in Vellore. This is the hub for the medical college, for MBBS and allied health students. Plus, 3 clinical services and a large residental community for medical staff.

Clinical services

CHAD hospital, the community health department with a hospital

  • Provides primary and secondary care for the local people.
    • Inpatient beds including a small emergency service and labour room (delivery suite).
    • Outpatient services.
    • Community outreach, clinics in villages, schools etc.
    • Some investigations/tests.

The mental health unit,

The psychiatry department is based in the mental health unit in Bagayam. They have

  • Inpatient psychiatry beds.
  • Outpatient psychiatry services.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department

The PMR dept has beds for longer term rehabilitation here. They also have beds for those acutely injured or sick in the main Vellore hospital.

Medical College

  • Carmen block, the admin block for the medical college.
  • Hostels for the medical and allied health students.
  • Exam halls, auditorium, sports facilities etc

Residential Area

  • Housing for medical staff and their families.
  • Guest houses for the hospital.
  • Vidyalam school for kindergarten children of the hospital staff.

Map of CMC College Campus Bagayam

This link will show you a Google map of the CMC College Campus Bagayam.

College Campus Address

CMC College Campus, Bagayam,
Vellore – 632002
Tamil Nadu, India.

Chittoor Hospital Campus

The Chittoor hospital campus is in Andra Pradesh. It is on the outskirts of Chittoor town and 29km from the main hospital. Chittoor provides secondary hospital services to the local people. This site has been steadily growing. So this list will be out of date very quickly!

Inpatient Services at Chittoor

  • 130 beds for general secondary hospital services:
    • general medical care for adults.
    • child health.
    • surgery, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Other Services Chittoor

  • Outpatient services.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Operating theatres.
  • Dental care.
  • Eye care, ophthalmology.
  • CT Scanner and other tests.
  • Community based health services.
  • Training courses including a college of nursing.

Map of CMC Chittoor Campus

This link will show you a Google map of the CMC College Chittoor Campus in Andra Pradesh.

Chittoor Campus Address

Chittoor Campus,
190 Ramapuram Village,
189 Kothapalle Post,
Gudipala Mandal,Chittoor – 517132
Andhra Pradesh. India.

Kannigapuram Campus

Kannigapuram is the new hospital that CMC hoped to open in 2020. It is However, the CoVid Pandemic has delayed the building and opening of this site.

CMC has been able to open a CoVid Care Centre to provide care to the local people. Initially this was just for asymptomatic patients and those with very mild symptoms. However, CMC hopes to develop these services and open an ICU soon (written September 2020).

Outpatient services at Kannigapuram

  • ONLY outpatients needing consultation about CoVid infections are currently running. Kannigapuram is a CoVid Care Centre.

Inpatient services Kannigapuram hospital

  • Inpatients beds are ONLY for CoVid care. Beds opened in May 2020 for people with the CoVid infection and no or mild symptoms.
  • CMC hopes to ope beds for people more servely infected and an ICU very soon (October or Nov 2020 hopefully).

Other services at Kannigapuram

  • Some investigations are available at Kannigapuram now. These will grow as the hospital continues to develop.
  • It will become a Level 1 trauma Centre when fully open.
  • The hospital will also have services for non-communicable or lifestyle illnesses like heart disease and cancer when fully open.
  • Accommodation for staff was dedicated in March 2020. Staff started to move in around September 2020.

Pictures of Kannigapuram – click on the images to go to a larger picture.

Map of CMC Kannigapuram Campus

This link will show you a map of Kannigauram – but please remember that you may be looking at a photo from months ago. The Google satellite views are not updated on a weekly or even a monthly basis.

Kannigapuram Campus Address

Tamil Nadu. India.

Schell hospital

The Schell site now has the eye hospital (the ophthalmology department) and the Low Cost Effective Care unit, LCECU. However, a hospital has been on this site since 1902. Dr Ida scudder opened the Mary Taber Schell hospital in 1902 as a 40 bedded hospital.

Current services are:

  • Inpatient beds just for eye care (ophthalmology).
  • Outpatient services for eye care.
  • Investigations for eye care.
  • Operating theatres for eye surgery.

Photos of eye hospital – click on the images to go to a larger picture.

Eye hospital

The Schell eye hospital is on this site. A brief summary of its services:

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Inpatient beds – 100 beds
  • Emergency department, just EYE problems.
  • Operating theatres, just for eye surgery.
  • Some investigations/tests.

Low Cost Effective Care Unit, LCECU

LCECU for the people living just around the Schell area. They are part of the department of family medicine.

  • Outpatient clinics, for local people.
  • 46 Inpatient beds, for local people.
  • Operating theatre for minor surgery.
  • Dentist chair and clinic every day.
  • Some investigations/tests.
  • Outreach clinics and services to the surrounding areas.

Photos of LCECU – click on the images to go to a larger picture.

Map of CMC Schell Campus

This link will show you a Google map of the Schell Eye hospital Campus.

Schell hospital Campus Address

Schell Eye Hospital, Arni Road,
Kosapet, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. 632001


RUHSA stands for the Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs. They combine health care with social development including many training courses. The base is in the K.V. Kuppam block which is 25km west-north-west of Vellore. You can read more and support the RUHSA services here.

RUHSA: Health care

  • Outpatient clinics at the RUHSA main site for local people.
    • Primary care eg well-baby clinics
    • Secondary care with specialists from CMC hospital running clinics eg orthopaedic care, psychiatry, ENT.
  • Inpatient beds, 70 bedded secondary care, for local people. Including antenatal care and delivering babies.
  • Outreach clinics to 23 surrounding areas plus mobile camps.

Pictures of RUHSA – click on the images to go to a larger picture.

RUHSA: Training

  • Healthcare-related training for medical students, nurses, rural medical assistants etc.
  • Other vocational training: eg Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Wiring.

RUHSA: Social Development

Many activities to improve the status of the local people including:

  • Farmer’s club
  • Microcredit for women.
  • Elderly recreation centre or club.
  • Program for adults and children with disabilities.

Map of RUHSA

This link will show you a map of the RUHSA area.

RUHSA Campus Physical Address

RUHSA Hospital,
Melkavanur, Tamil Nadu. 632209.

Kagithapattarai College of Nursing

The college of nursing moved from the main hospital campus to the new site at Kagithapattarai in 2009. This is a large site but near to the hospital.

No outpatient or other patient services at this site

  • This site is not for patients. It is for training students and staff accommodation only.

Other services at Kagithapattarai campus

  • The CMC Vellore college of nursing offices are here.
    • The student library
    • Administration offices.
    • Nurses also train in the hospital with hands-on patient training.
  • The Student Nurses hostel is here for students studying at CMC Vellore.
  • CMC staff accommodation.

Map of Kagithapattarai campus

This link will show you a map of Kagithapattarai CMC college of nursing.

Family Medicine Outreach sites

There are several other CMC Vellore services that are based around Vellore. These are designed to make it easier for local Vellore residents to get medical care. We will gradually add details here of these services.

Shalom family medicine centre – town centre

The Shalom family medicine centre is close to the Schell eye hospital and just next to the Raymond clothes shop. It is a branch of the department of Family Medicine for families with middle-high income in the area. There is a fee paid to see the doctor.

  • Outpatient services for local residents.
  • Distance education department
    • They prepare education materials. And run for health-related training courses.

Shalom Clinic and Distance Education Department Address:

Shalom Clinic OR Distance Education Department
Christian Medical College Hospital,
3/1 Arni Road,
1st floor, CSI Center.
Vellore – 632001, Tamil Nadu, India.

Map of Shalom Clinic and Distance Education site

This link will show you the Shalom clinic and distance education department base

Shalom Family Care and Day Care Centre, CMC Diagnostic Centre, Satuvachari

This centre was opened as a clinic in 2020. It opened in 2018 for sample collection.

It is also a branch of the department of Family Medicine, for families with middle-high income in the area. There is a fee paid to see the doctor. The new services were announced in the Hindu paper. Read the article here

  • Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm.
  • Outpatient services for local residents.
  • Blood tests 7 to 11 a.m
    • sent to the main hospital for testing
  • Rooms for minor procedures.
  • CMC pharmacy
  • ECG heart test

Map of Shalom Clinic and Distance Education site

This link will show you a map of the CMC Diagnostic Centre in Satuvachari map.

CMC Diagnostic Centre Address

Shalom Family Care and Day Care Centre, CMC Diagnostic Centre, Satuvachari, Vellore

Community Health Outreach

All the community health services at CMC have outreach work. Some of these are regular clinics held away from the base hospital. Some are held less regularly in villages, schools etc. Please see details under each department linked below.

Other Department’s Outreach

Several of the other departments in the hospital also do outreach work. Some will go back to the same places regularly. Others will work in many different places over the years. They are too many to list completely. But we can give a taster of their work in the list below.

CMC Helpline

CMC started a new helpline service in Aug-Sept 2020. This is for those needing information about seeing doctors, tests, appointments, help with CoVid information etc

Numbers:9498763101 or
Open:8 am to 4.30 pm
Details of the CMC helpline

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