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Ranipet Campus CMC Vellore


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Ranipet Hospital opened for patient care in June 2022.

The Ranipet hospital and campus are part of CMC Vellore.

It has been a long journey with many delays, but the hospital now sees outpatients and inpatients. And we want to give a BIG Thank you to everyone who has helped us get here.

Read more about the Ranipet hospital and its future services here: Services at Ranipet

Departments Now at Ranipet

Some departments from CMC Vellore town centre moved to the new hospital. So, these departments now see patients at the Ranipet hospital.

This list was updated on November 11th 2022

DepartmentProblems they can help
Cardiologyheart, blood pressure, cardiac problems
Cardiothoracic surgerysurgery for the heart and lungs/chest
Gastroenterologystomach, gut, bowels
Haematologyblood problems, leukaemia, lymphomas etc
Hepatologyliver and gall bladder. Treated with medicines etc
Hepatobiliary surgeryliver and gall bladder surgical treatment
Medical Oncologytreating cancer with medicines
Nephrologykidney problems, including kidney dialysis or artificial kidney (AK) treatment
Neurologyproblems with the brain, spinal cord and/or nerves. Treated with medicines etc
Neurosurgerysurgery for the brain, spinal cord and/or nerves.
Nuclear Medicine**tests and treatments using small doses of radioactive materials
Palliative Care*caring for people at the end of their life, often with cancer
Pulmonary Medicinelung and chest problems
Radiation Oncology*treating cancer with radiation (special x-rays)
Urologywaterworks problems, bladder, prostate plus kidney operations, kidney stones etc including surgery.
Trauma Centreemergency treatment for accidents of any kind, including surgery

Outpatients are seen in the outpatients (OP) in the A Block, Ranipet.

Patients can also be admitted as inpatients (IP) for these specialities at Ranipet.

*Radiation Oncology and *Palliative Medicine will see both outpatients and admit inpatients in both Vellore Town and Ranipet Campuses.

**Nuclear Medicine will have only outpatient, OP services, in both Vellore Town and Ranipet Campuses.

Chemotherapy day couches for medical oncology. Ranipet Hospital now opened for patient care
Patients have chemotherapy in the new Ranipet medical oncology unit.

Trauma Centre, Ranipet

We are pleased to say that the Ranipet Trauma Centre is now open. The dream for the Ranipet Campus was to provide a Level 1 trauma centre. The Ranipet hospital is on the busy highway between Chennai and Bengaluru. This is an ideal location to treat accident victims. Ranipet is the first Level 1 Trauma Centre in Tamil Nadu.

The trauma centre includes

  • State-of-the-art ICUs,
  • Six New high-tech Operation Theatres for patients who need surgery
    • Incudes special surgery equipment to operate on patients with injuries to the
      • head,
      • chest,
      • abdomen,
      • pelvis,
      • limbs and
      • blood vessels
  • Radiology Suite for
    • xrays,
    • CT scans,
    • MRIs,
    • ultrasound etc and
  • 112 Trauma Beds.
    • Special wards for trauma patients
Ranipet scan room with no patients in new Campus
New scanner in the Radiology department at Ranipet

This new centre will help save lives after serious accidents. It will also reduce the disability that can follow a bad fall, road traffic accident etc.

Dedicated Trauma Staff

There are dedicated specialists from many departments who will work with trauma victims. There will be staff from

  • Trauma Surgery: surgery for injury after accidents.
  • Orthopaedics: care for injury to bones, ligaments and muscles etc.
  • Neurosurgery.: surgery for the brain and nerves.
  • Intensive Care: staff who work in the ICU.
  • Emergency Medicine: care for people in casualty with serious medical problems.
  • Anaesthesia: care during surgery, operations and procedures.

These staff will work together looking after trauma patients. This teamwork helps to save lives and reduce disability.

More about the Trauma Centre

Read more about the need for a new Trauma Centre here: Trauma Centre for Accident Victims

This video from 2014 talks of the need for the Ranipet Trauma Centre: Video: Urgent need for care for accident victims. Thank you once again to everyone who has helped us realise this dream.

More information about Ranipet Hospital

Details on how to get to the new Ranipet hospital, CMC Vellore, Travel to Ranipet hospital, CMC Vellore

Ranipet updates are listed here: Ranipet Updates (pdfs)

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